Who we are

Blind Children Can!

Blind Children Can!

We are a parent-led Registered Charity looking to spread the word that blindness is nothing more than a ‘Physical Nuisance’ (NFB), something which changes interactions and experiences of the world, but which isn’t inferior or something negative!

We believe strongly in following a ‘No-Limits Mobility’ Approach, as taught by World Access for the Blind, and run the UK’s only Children’s Cane Bank- loaning long white canes to any child who needs one. We are advocates of the notion that a parent is best- placed to be a Child’s First Mobility Instructor (Joe Cutter), and we know that cane use is easy, empowering, and should be promoted to every Visually Impaired Child!

We are fully supportive on Braille Teaching being a necessity for every blind child.

We try to keep updated on any technological advances to make interacting with the sighted world easier.


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