Mini Me’s


I have a very talented friend Suzi who makes the cutest dolls at Munchkin Munecas. She shared some stunning drawings of paper doll versions of her daughters, which she had printed onto magnet sheets for her girls to play with. 

Awaiting the birth of her third beautiful baby, and a little stir crazy, She offered to draw Lucas and Isla. The results literally took my breath away. Her attention to detail is stunning, and she was incredibly honest yet respectful when tackling Lucas’ dysmorphic features, and Isla’s non-binary gender identity. She spent hours trawling through photos of my two to check what their favourite clothes looked like, and she even drew our dog Star!

I was saving the images for Christmas, but both chids had a really hard day on Friday- Lucas (massive oral hypersensitivity!) had mouldings for braces, and Isla’s TA wasn’t available to meet her at school, and she refused to enter the building. So- I grabbed the pictures, printed and laminated them, and Mini-Lu and Mini Illy were born!  

 I cannot tell you the impact they had! Isla has real issues with her self-confidence- often saying she ‘hates herself’ and that she is ugly, but she was totally enamoured by Mini Illy. She saw how pretty she was, and as she hugged her tight, I was able to tell her that the way she sees Mini Illy is the way we see her- gorgeous, funny, brilliant!

 Lucas was super chuffed that Mini Lu had a cane and sunnies, and has spent the weekend making sure he gets matching clothes out of his drawers and getting Isla to dress Mini Lu.

Mini Me’s have come out with us all weekend- and it’s the first time the children have engaged in proper pretend play that I can recall for at least a year. The Mini Me’s have voices, they chat, and the chids are asking for beds, a house, even a theme park.

Suzi, my amazing friend, you have been warned- their wish list for Christmas is growing, so start thinking of a pricing structure!

The possibilities in this type of play for children with ASD who naturally are ego-centric, who struggle with identify issues and pretend play is enormous. I cannot recommend this idea more highly. I am planning on using Mini Illy for lots of visual props for Isla, and will make sure Mini Lu supports Lucas through braces and medical appointments.

Thank you Suzi, you talented, wonderful friend.

Love Sarah xx






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