Social Stories

Well, it seems every change brings about a predictable but still disappointing regression in Isla’s coping strategies and emotional resilience. This past week she has had to be physically pulled off me screaming by the TA, who claims “She’s always fine within 2 minutes”, yet I can see and feel Isla’s core cracking slowly. On pick-up she’s either brittle, angry, or over-compensatory about how brilliant her day has been- yesterday she announced with gusto that it had scored 20/10 by being so amazing, then in the next breath she said that although she hadn’t cried, she had felt close to tears for 5 hours. I’m sure none of this is the whole truth, I’m also sure she doesn’t actively lie about these things, but her emotional literacy is so poor (and she’s such a bright erudite, literary child) that she can’t even fathom her feelings out, never mind relay them to me.

Anyway, old habits are back to haunt us, and the head caught me to say that Isla is refusing to go to the bathroom all day (she has directly lied to me about this!) so I’ve written a social story which hopefully will interest her enough so she doesn’t roll her eyes at me tutting, but which will do the job. Sharing for anyone to use/change as they choose.  



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