Photo Shoot

**please note- none of the photos used in this blog are the professional shots- but were taken by the wonderful Ellie**  

Team ‘Project Brailler’

Last Sunday, we were invited by Project Brailler to take part in a photo shoot for a calendar which will raise funds for three parent-led charities for Visually Impaired Children and their families:

 Project Brailler. Buying Smart Braillers for VI kids to enable literacy 

 Common Sense. Promoting independence through mobility.

  Moorvision. Supporting families in Devon with VI Children. 

The shoot was in Bristol, so we left the house at 9, and close to our arrival time (11am) it became apparent that we were snarled in Bristol Half-Marathos traffic. However, Waze and Iain make a phenomenal navigating team, so we found the studios (amazing place- I’m desperate to go to the cafe and studios underneath!), and parked outside. 

After trawling up some stairs (and explaining to Lucas that the lift wasn’t working), we went through some office rooms to a small studio with a ‘green room’ next door. 

We met the indominatable Kristy from Project Brailler and the heart-melting LG, the inspiration behind PB.

Kristy and LG

It was a brilliant set- up! A make-up artist (who gave Isla a brilliant Harry Potter Scar!), and two photographers.

Kristy and LG, both with modelling experience, showed us all how it was done.

Lucas and Isla had decided that they ‘needed’ our little Chug, Star in the photos, and each other, but it turned out that Star was the only one who didn’t have issues! Lucas has Petit Mal seizures caused by certain clicking noises, and unfortunately the cameras caused two which rolled out in quick succession. He was given emergency Meds though, and was helped brilliantly by Tony (one of the photographers) to acclimatise himself to the camera noises, and was able to use his interest in photography to help himself manage. 

He then took to the white paper studio with Isla, whose avoidance-type of ASD actually caused us bigger issues. She’s got really upset and we had to regroup. Lucas stepped up brilliantly though and posed for some single shots.  

Lucas- photographer and model!

 Isla then, after some careful discussions decided she would take part, but actually it wasn’t a great decision- she was torn between being desperate to be included and be with Lucas, yet she couldn’t quite manage to smile or look at the camera at all!   

We then stepped back and watched as more amazing families arrived and took their turns in the studio. Some of the families we had ‘met’ online as part of an amazing ‘VI- network’, some not, but you had the feeling that every family had been through its share of difficulties, yet each was incredibly supportive and open about their experiences, inclusive of all the children present- VI and siblings, and everyone rallied to help each other have the best experience they could.

We had taken the majority of the Common Sense Children’s Cane Bank with us, and were thrilled to loan out 5 new canes! In case you don’t know- long white canes aren’t given early enough, long enough, or often enough in the UK- so we buy them from America and lend them to any child who would benefit from them. 

My absolutely favourite part of the day was 4 year old ‘D’, who was given a cane for the first time, and said 

“With this cane in my hand, now I can run on my own”

If you would like to donate to our Cane Bank, please do so here!

After a mostly-successful photo shoot we joined Kristy and her beautiful family for a pizza lunch, and Lucas and Isla gave LG mobility lessons!


Lucas, Isla and LG. Independent travel!

I don’t yet have details of the calendar, but this was the first of two shoots for it, and having met Team Project Brailler, I don’t doubt it will be gorgeous, cool, funky and inspirational- so please don’t commit to next years calendar yet- wait a few weeks, I promise I will share details as soon as I can!

Love Sarah 


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