I have been running Common Sense for a few years now, and some other amazing charities have been plugging hard, reaching more families with Visual Impairments. All of a sudden, it seems,  parent-led initiatives are everywhere. It’s so incredibly awesome, that we decided to come together under an ‘Umbrella Term’ #BlindKidsCan.  Here’s what it’s all about:


A movement created to celebrate all the amazing things our Children with Visual Impairments (and multiple disabilities) are capable of!

No-limits Mobility, Access to Braille, Every technological advancement, Medical and Educational provision which are truly child-centred, Toys that represent who they are and how they look, a chance to share experiences with other Visually Impaired Children, and a society which recognises blindness (when given the right support and training), as nothing more than a physical nuisance.

To be taught that everything is possible

Every child (regardless of needs) has a chance to reach for the stars. They won’t all make it, and some will need a lift up there to reach them, but we shouldn’t as a society use their visual or multiple impairments to put a ceiling in the way.

For all these reasons, it’s time to show the world that 
Blind Kids Can!

To see our individual projects, please visit:

Common Sense

Project Brailler


Through Scarlett’s Eyes

Toy Like Me


Playful Explorations for Children with a Visual Impairment 

Little Lions Guide

And to watch inspirational videos of our amazing Blind Children, please visit our YouTube Channel!  




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