(summer) holidays ideas

As a Mum to two children with differing needs (including severe Sight Impairment) and abilities, I’m always on the lookout for ideas of things we can do and play when maybe it’s raining, or we’ve had a big day out and fancy some home-time-chilling.

Her are some of our more successful tasks to date:

Lego Mazes:
I have been looking for ways to help develop Lucas’ spatial awareness, and understanding of representation through tactile maps, and came across this idea via Pinterest by Kids Activities Blog. You create a ‘maze’ through which you have to guide a marble. (Note: I adapted the idea from Kids Activities Blog because Lucas only likes certain cars, and would get very upset if the car didnt drive ‘properly’ through the maze – a marble has no ‘baggage’!)I made the first so that Isla could see how to construct one, and Lucas could have a try with a simple one, then Isla built one, and then Lucas had a try rolling/pushing the marble through the maze. He didnt find it that easy, as obviously the marble didnt roll as such on a bobbly Lego mat, but he did it, and he got better at it! I am wondering if building a larger maze channel would help or hinder, but I can definitely see the possibilities for using Lego which Isla adores to bring play for us all together, and to help with tactile skills, mobility and much more.

blind child uses touch to guide a marble.

Balloon Rockets:

An Idea I got via Pinterest from www.discoverexplorelearn.com, Simple task – and SO much fun!

Send a balloon on a ‘rocket journey’ through your house using a balloon, yarn/string and a straw!

We started off making a fairly small length of yarn (as our house isnt that big!), but all of us got excited very quickly, and wanted to try the idea further, so we then made a yarn line through the whole of the inside of the house, and then attempted down the stairs, and for our finale we went upstairs. It wasnt fool proof – it didnt always work, but the kids worked brilliantly as a team, taking turns without being prompted, I got Lucas fully engaged in a task, and he worked on equal footing with us. As a bonus, he also got over his fear of balloons as he loves the noise they make when you let them go and the air comes out, and Isla discovered inner reserves of puff and managed to blow up a balloon all by herself.

Next step: Balloon powered Lego cars!

My lovely friend Lerryn at Jellybean Boom tried this, and made a video.

Other notions and ideas to follow.
In the meantime…

http://www.wonderbaby.org has a blog post to read here

I have a Pinterest obsession, so order my boards over there to give me some inspiration:
Blind Child

Kids Crafts and Fun

Food (because we all love to plan menus, Braille recipes and eat! More of this to come).

I would love to hear any cool ideas you have had, any recommendations for places to visit!

Sarah xxx


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