Social Stories!

A dual diagnosis of Autism with Visually Impaired Children is increasing in prevalence. Historically, trends have moved between describing ‘autistic-like’ behaviours in VI Kids as ‘blindisms’ towards our current trend, offering a dual-diagnosis. Here is an article from NICE.

 The RNIB have an amazing resource offering supports and suggestions for children with the dual diagnosis, and we were thrilled to help the project with our input.
The RNIB Resource can be found here.

As most tools for children with ASD use Visual Language or visual resources, finding suitable social stories can be tricky!

With this in mind, we have written a few:

Social Story for Wobblers

As you grow older your body changes. One of the things that happens is that you will lose your baby teeth and grow your adult teeth. This is exciting but may feel little bit strange. It is important to try to let a tooth get very wobbly before pulling it out. Your parents can tell you when a tooth is ready to be pulled out. When it is ready, your tooth can be put in your Tooth Fairy pouch or under your pillow and will be exchanged for a coin by the Tooth Fairy. 


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